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This program is for the co-ordinators who are keen to conduct 'Make your own ganesha program'  in their community 


How can I go about organizing this event in our community?

Sign up as co-ordinator using the form provided and return it to us with a registration fee of Rs.1000/- (non-refundable) 

Once you sign up the support from Clay Station will include:

1. Marketing – Soft copy of Posters to be put up at venue

2. Training- Dates are provided, choose 1 session from the weekday & weekend options given

3. Kit - Clay, Moulds & Accessories

4. Online registration (optional)


What does the kit include?

Content of the Kit: For 5 idols

a. Clay-15 kg clay (of 3 kg pack each per idol)

b. 1 mould- multiple pieces constituting the various parts, which will be attached

c. Accessories (String cutter, blade, towels)

d. MDF Board- for the idol to be placed on when ready

Note: Extra clay can be purchased at Rs.150/- per 3 kg pack


What is the fee for the participants? How much do I need to pay Clay station? 

The suggested fee for participants is Rs. 550 per idol. Below are the payment options: 


Option 1 -

Equal Share revenue (50% to Clay Station 50% to the co-ordinator) 

No additional charges for Kit or idol or clay.

Registration fee will also be adjusted against to total due to the coordinator after the event.


Option 2 -

Co-ordinator pays Rs.2500 for the Kit as rental Fee.  Pays for additional clay (Rs.150 per 3 kg).

Unused clay & kit to be returned to Clay Station within a week from event date.

Pay for the clay used within one week from the event date.


I am expecting good participation from our community. Will anyone from the Clay station team present during the event?

No. We have made the idol making process very simple so that anyone can learn and teach others after few hours of training.  If you anticipate larger crowd, you may need to arrange for additional help and get them trained by you or at Claystation.


When are you planning to conduct training for the co-ordinators?

Training for co-ordinators will be conducted on following dates. Co-ordinators should plan to attend at least one of the following 5 sessions to complete the training. 

Weekend : August 9th, 16th & 17th   3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Weekday : August 15th & 19th        10:30 AM to 1:30 PM


We will accept registrations on first come first served basis for up to 25 event locations until Aug 17th.  





August 09, 2014 — 3:00 pm to
August 19, 2014 — 1:30 pm

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Clay Station @ HSR, Bangalore
1-C, 2nd Floor, 14th 'B'Cross,
1st 'D' Main, Sector 6, HSR Layout
Bangalore, Karnataka